Farah & Adam: office administrator, maintenance

We were both born and raised in Ahwahnee, California, 45 minutes away from beautiful Yosemite, where our friends and family reside. We moved to Cascade in April of 2021, and couldn’t be more pleased with our decision. Cascade is like a breath of fresh air with wildlife surrounding you, and a list of adventures waiting for your amusement. We are a part of Joe’s new team, and can’t wait for what he has in store for the Park. Our favorite part about working here is all of the amazing people that we have met, who we now consider friends. If you are looking for a great place to spend with your loved ones, be sure to put Arrowhead RV Park on the top of your list.

Adam & Farah

Dana & Joe

Dana & Joe:

We are from Canada and we both feel excited to be at Arrowhead Park. Joe recently retired and we came here to learn how to do that phase of life. We don’t think we could find a better place to be. We hope to be snowbirds and spend every summer here, then head back for the (freezing) winter. The park truly feels like a place of peace, along with a ton of fun things to do.

We love to sit by the river in the mornings to watch and listen to the world. It’s quiet and we see fish jump and osprey scanning for food while keeping an eye on the eagles, the birds argue a bit. The sun gets warm and the river invites us in for a swim or a paddle. Best of all we enjoy the people that come to stay.

Everyone has had a big life before coming to Arrowhead and it’s great getting to meet people and learn little tidbits of their stories. Our eyes have been opened to trailer life, not everything feels rushed and demanding. There is always something to do here at the park and in the community. We would suggest you come and sit a spell, then play at your pleasure. We love it!

Esther: office administrator

Raised in Merced County California, but have spent my adult life kinda all over the country. I came to Cascade summer of 2018 and couldn’t bring myself to leave. My favorite thing to do in Cascade is run the Strand and soak in the springs. I’ve worked at Arrowhead 3 summers and my favorite thing has always been our guests.



Lexi: housekeeper

Hi. I’m Lexi. I moved to Cascade a year ago, crossing it off my bucket list, because my grandmother lived here raising her 6 kids till she passed away at Christmas when I was 9. I love spending my free time showing my kids the beauty of the valley and the charm of the community. I’m very pleased to be working and living at Arrowhead and intend to stay till they adopt me officially. I look forward to seeing y’all around the campfire or in front of the mic at one of our karaoke nights! Don’t forget your bug spray!

Monica& Landon

Monica & Landon: Office administrator, maintenance

This is Landon and I’s first year here at Arrowhead on Joe’s new team. I was born and raised in Meridian, Idaho and have been coming up to Cascade/McCall area since I can remember. Landon is originally from San Diego, and in Boise since 2004. It didn’t take much convincing, at all, for us to jump into full time living up here. Everything about this place is so refreshing every day.. the community, the scenery, the lifestyle.. we’re definitely home. We love playing on the water or in the mountains.. pretty much anything you can find to do around here, especially when there is good company. Being part of the new vision for this park is just another perk. We’re both very much in our comfort zone with this opportunity.. ready for whatever is ahead!

Barry: maintenance

Barry was raised in Burbank, California as a kid but always spent a lot of time in Mammoth, California with family. He eventually moved to Mammoth where he lived until moving to McCall and taking a job at Arrowhead. He’s been part of the Arrowhead family for the last 11 years.



Kylie: office administrator

The mountains brought my small and growing family to Cascade. With the rugged easily accessible mountains, my family is able to do all the things we love. Hunting, fishing, hiking, rockhounding, exploring, and playing in the abundance of mountain water. The community made us stay. The generous people of this place have been instrumental in my family making this small town our home.